November 19, 2012

...kondratieff wave

Maybe this is what is going to happen? Soon?

More on Kondratieff waves here.

Musings by the inestimable Sarah Hoyt:

I’ve said before that the only way I think we beat the civilization-killing mess we’re in is technology.  For one, tech in the last twenty years is the sort of tech that empowers the individual, from news to entertainment — the fields I know.
A commenter asked about nanotech — a field I don’t know — and M. Simon promised to write something about it. He did:

I think we are in a short pause between Kondratieff Waves. In my opinion, the time between waves is getting shorter, so we will not have too long to wait before the next wave takes off. My estimation is that we will see macro economic results in five to ten years. An eternity if the present economic cycle is causing you a lot of suffering but in historical terms a fraction of an eye blink.


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